Our 2017 Presenters

Trupti Gokani, MD    

"Understanding the Purpose of Pain: What Ancient Medicine Teaches us about Pain and How to Resolve it"

Trupti Gokani, MD, is an award-winning, board-certified neurologist best known for her innovative and integrative approach to treating headache pain. Her unique melding of modern medicine and ancient wisdom has enabled her to establish a thriving private practice along Chicago's North Shore, where her patients seek her insights as an Ayurvedic "neurologist coach" (Healthy Head Coach) who heals the head by healing the mind and the body.

Dr. Gokani is a sought-after trainer, speaker and author of the 2015 book The Mysterious Mind: How to Use Ancient Wisdom and Modern Science to Heal Your Headaches and Reclaim Your Health. Dr. Gokani has lectured extensively in the field of neurology and psychiatry, specifically regarding headaches, mood disorders, insomnia, adrenal fatigue, hormonal issues and adult attention deficit disorder (ADD). She has spoken at the American Headache Society, the Midwest Pain Society, the American Academy of Neurology, and the American Psychiatric Society. Her work — on topics ranging from Botox efficacy and safety, to the prevalence of bipolar disorder in cluster headache patients — has been published in such esteemed journals as the American Journal of Pain Management. She has also published articles pertaining to food allergies and headaches, along with the Ayurvedic approach to migraine, in the well-regarded  Journal of Headache.  Dr. Gokani's special interests include Ayurvedic mind-body types, women's issues and headaches, yoga as a treatment modality, nutrition and pain, adrenal fatigue, stress, the gut-brain connection, insomnia, and emerging, non-traditional approaches to headache management. In support of patients whose health issues can be effectively addressed through the incorporation of high-quality herbs and nutrients in their diets, she developed a line of supplements that provide combinations and concentrations of supportive nutrients not available elsewhere in the market.

Dr. Trupti Gokani earned her medical degree from the University of Illinois at Chicago, where she also completed her training in neurology, was Chief Resident, and pursued additional post- doctoral training and certification as a Master Clinical Psychopharmacologist. She has continued to educate herself for the benefit of her patients, gaining experience and credentials in Ayurvedic medicine, clinical psychopharmacology and transcendental meditation. She is certified by the American Board of Neurology & Psychiatry, and is licensed to practice in Illinois and California. Learn more about Dr. Gokani at www.ZiraMindAndBody.com.

C. Leslie Smith, MS, MA, MD, DABMA   

Morning keynote "Dancing With Steel: Cutting, Poking, Mending, Healing, and Being" 

Breakout session "An Introduction to Traditional Asian Medicine and Acupuncture"

Dr. C. Leslie Smith’s allopathic education includes a Master’s in Physiology and Biophysics, followed by medical school at the University of Illinois, Chicago, where she now teaches. After 4 years of residency in General Surgery, she became intrigued with Asian medicine and attended Yo San University to learn acupuncture, Asian medical theory, and medicinal herbs.  She further completed Harvard’s Structural Acupuncture Course for Physicians and focuses her treatment style and ongoing studies in Japanese acupuncture. Dr. Smith has over 20 years experience in adult education, including a Master’s in Medical Education and Leadership and a Fellowship in Surgical Education. She is passionate about understanding and explaining the human body from both allopathic and Eastern traditions. Dr. Smith is currently finishing an additional acupuncture degree (LAc), is the founder of Acupuncture Hospital Services, is a board member of the American Academy of Medical Acupuncture, and maintains a private practice, Chicago Healing Center. She is happily married with two furry dog-children and loves to dance, change her hair color, and play in her kitchen.  My website is: LeslieSmithMD.com.  My Twitter handle is: CLeslieSmith

Melinda Ring, MD    "Bones and Groans: Integrative approach for osteoarthritis and osteoporosis"

Dr. Melinda Ring serves as the Director of the Osher Center for Integrative Medicine at Northwestern Medicine in Chicago, IL. While earning her medical degree and completing her internal medicine residency at the University of Chicago, Dr. Ring’s passion for integrative medicine evolved along with her holistic philosophy of needing to treat the whole person, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, to achieve true health and healing.  Following residency, she completed the Fellowship in Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona. She is board-certified in Internal Medicine and Integrative Medicine, and cares for patients with a wide variety of conditions and preventive health needs. 

At Northwestern, Dr. Ring oversees the clinical outpatient and inpatient programs, with a wonderful team of talented providers who work together to truly integrate the best of the world's medicine. ​ She is the education lead for medical student and resident education in integrative medicine, as well as director for the new Integrative Medicine Fellowship approved for 2016 , and the HRSA funded Integrative Medicine Training in Preventive Medicine Residency in collaboration with Cook County Hospital. Dr. Ring's research focuses on mindfulness, physician and trainee wellness and impact of integrative medicine on patient-reported outcomes.  

She is a Clinical Associate Professor in the Department of Medicine at the Northwestern Feinberg School of Medicine. Her expertise is reflected in her contribution to textbooks, lectures and articles in the field of Women’s Health and Integrative Medicine. In spring 2013 Rodale Books published her 1st book on integrative women’s health, The Natural Menopause Solution. 

Dr. Ring strives for a balanced life of work, family and play with her husband, two amazing teenage sons and their canine companions, Scribble and Bongo.

Robert C Dumont, MS, MD, ABoIM, DABMA    "Pediatric Integrative Medicine- Homeopathy"

Dr Dumont is a board certified pediatrician practicing Pediatric Integrative Medicine (Complementary Alternative Medicine) at the Raby Institute for Integrative Medicine at Northwestern, LLC in Chicago.(USA).  Previously he was associate professor of pediatrics at Loyola University medical center.  At Loyola he was director of the pediatric integrative medicine program, medical director of pediatric nutrition and was also director for the Pediatric Cystic Fibrosis Center.  For over 16 years he has also been medical director of the Easter Seals DuPage Feeding Clinic and is an expert in pediatric feeding problems. He is also a member of the Homeopathic Pharmacopeia Convention of the United States (which make recommendations on homeopathic medicines to the Federal Drug Administration).

Practicing Integrative medicine for over 20 years Dr. Dumont is board certified in Integrative medicine through the American Board of Integrative Medicine (ABIoM), American Board of Integrative and Holistic Medicine (ABIHM) and Medical Acupuncture through the American Board of Medical Acupuncture (ABMA).  He has had formal training in other areas including: mind/body medicine though the Harvard Mind/Body Institute; medical hypnosis through the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis and the Society of Behavioral and Developmental Pediatrics; functional medicine through the Institute for Functional Medicine; Homeopathy through the American Institute of Homeopathy and the Center for Education and Development of Clinical Homeopathy (CEDH).  He is currently a senior teacher in the CEDH homeopathy for physician training program.  His publications in this area include a State of the Art Review article on CAM (Pediatric Pulmonology 2011) and a chapter on Clinical homeopathy in a forthcoming Naturopathic textbook (The Foundations of Naturopathic Medicine – in press) chapter on use of CAM for Parasomnias (2013); and was co-editor of a book Nutrition in Pediatric Pulmonary Disease (2014). 

He has extensive experience in many areas of Integrative Medicine and has lectured nationally and internationally on the subject.

Mitchell Harris LAc, Dipl OM and David Freedman, MD
Integrative Medicine for the Underserved: Modeling access in a Federally funded care facility.

Mitchell Harris is an acupuncturist and herbalist at Eastern Integrative Health and co-owner of the multi-disciplinary wellness/yoga space, Centered Studios in Chicago. He is the Department Chair for Clinical Procedure and Faculty Governance Chair for Pacific College of Oriental Medicine's Chicago campus.  Mitch earned his Masters of Traditional East Asian Medicine in California from Pacific College and continued his postgraduate studies in Chengdu University, China where he received his certificate in International Medicine. Mitchell has spoken at Integrate Chicago on the subject of Eastern Nutrition has been involved in the initial phases of acupuncture clinical trails with Peter Johnston, MD at Indiana University.  He is President Emeritus of the Indiana Acupuncture Association where he helped open state laws for patients to receive acupuncture and is  a currently a member of the Illinois Acupuncture Association. He is the Clinical Pearls editor and frequent contributor for Meridians Journal of Traditional Oriental Medicine and a member of Integrative Medicine for the Underserved, which looks to bring alternative and complimentary care to sections of society that may not have easy access.


Dr. David Freedman is a board certified Family Physician who has spent the last 25 years practicing medicine in underserved neighborhoods in Chicago. Dr. Freedman attended medical school at the University of Illinois in Chicago and completed his Family Practice residency at Cook County Hospital. He also completed a Preventive Medicine Residency at Carney Hospital and Boston University School of Public Health. Dr. Freedman’s  professional interests are caring for the underserved, public health, preventive medicine, nutrition, integrated primary care and behavioral health, and his children. He is also a certified Civil Surgeon as of 2012.

Regina Chen, MS, PA-C, L Ac, Dipl. CH    “Integrating Ancient Chinese Philosophy into Modern Life”

      Regina graduated from University of Florida PA Program in 1992 and then completed a postgraduate PA residency in General Surgery, Montefiore Medical Center, Bronx, NY in 1993.  She has taught and developed PA training programs at Nova Southeastern University in S. Florida, Mercy College in NY, and Rosalind Franklin University in N. Chicago.    She started at Rush University in 2009 to develop and direct the inaugural PA program which launched in 2010.  She is currently the Chair of the Department of Physician Assistant Studies and Director of the Physician Assistant training program.

      Regina graduated from a 4-year Oriental Medicine training in Victoria, British Columbia Canada in 2003.  She is certified in Acupuncture and Oriental Herbal Medicine by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, and is a licensed acupuncturist in IL.  She has a private acupuncture and Chinese herbology practice in Chicago.  Her areas of clinical interest: Integrative medicine, Pediatrics, Infectious Disease, Herbology, Phytopharmacology.

Dr. David Edelberg MD and WholeHealth Chicago
Panel presentation: "The development of an integrative medicine practice and our unique ways of approaching a patient."

Dr. Edelberg, board certified in Internal Medicine in 1974, began incorporating alternative therapies into his practice during the 1980’s. Since founding the parent company of WholeHealth Chicago in 1993, he has become nationally recognized as one of the pioneers of integrative medicine, the new medical specialty combining conventional medicine with alternative therapies.

WholeHealth Chicago Panel Members:

Marla Feingold, Clinical Nutrition & Exercise Physiology

Marla is an experienced Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist (CCN), Board Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS), and a Licensed Dietician Nutritionist (LDN) in the state or Illinois. She holds a M.S in Human Nutrition from the University of Bridgeport, and a B.S in Exercise Physiology/Kinesiology with a cognate in nutrition from Michigan State University.

Karen Meier, Physical Therapist & Craniosacral Therapy

Karen Meier is a licensed physical therapist who received her degree in 1989 and completed her physical therapy doctorate in 2014.  Karen provides rehabilitation for orthopedic, chronic pain, and neurological conditions.  Karen is trained in the LeDuc method and has been treating patients with lymphedema since 1996. She became certified in Kinesio-taping in 2004.

Katie Oberlin, Healing Touch & Shamanic Healing

Katie is a Healing Touch Certified Practitioner and Shamanic Healing Practitioner. She is fascinated with the way these two energy modalities dovetail beautifully with one another. Katie brings a solid foundation in holistic counseling and scientific research to her practice. In addition to offering Healing Touch and Shamanic Healing for adults, she works with children and animals, and provides energetic clearing for homes and offices. She is an instructor and qualified mentor for the Healing Touch Program. 

Louise Edwards, ND, FAc       

Breakout session: “Self care for Medical Students and Doctors”  Techniques and tools for reducing stress, avoiding burnout and enjoying your practice.

Closing session: “Stillness in Practice”  Mindfulness and Meditation as practice management and therapeutic tools, for oneself and one’s patients.

Dr. Louise Edwards is a graduate of National College of Naturopathic Medicine, 1988 and the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine, 1989.  She had a full time private practice in Durango, CO until 2005 when she chose to primarily focus on teaching and writing.  Dr. Edwards is an adjunct faculty member at National University of Health Sciences and Bastyr University.  She teaches Naturopathic Philosophy, Case Analysis and Case Management, Intro to Counseling, as well as Cell Salts, Oriental Medicine and Practice Management.    She also teaches in the clinic at NUHS.  Dr. Edwards in a founding member of the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians (AANP), served on the AANP board for 3 years and for 15 years in the House of Delegates.  She received the AANP’s “Vis Award” in 2011. 

Judy Fulop, ND, MS, FABNO     "Food as Medicine and the Microbiome"
Dr. Fulop joined as the first naturopathic physician at the newly opened Center for Integrative Medicine in 2001 within the Northwestern Memorial Physicians Group, Chicago, IL.   She has continued to practice at the Osher Center for Integrative Medicine within Northwestern Medicine and Northwestern University.  With over 16 years of practice at Northwestern, Dr. Fulop believes in an individualized approach to each patient and that healthy outcomes lie in deep medical detective work.  Using biochemistry, nutrition, integrative care, knowledge of drug-herb-supplement interactions, homeopathy, botanicals and hydrotherapy, the cause of most chronic illnesses can be addressed.  Working side by side with all medical practitioners in an integrative manner, she believes that optimal health for the whole patient is achieved.  

Dr. Fulop is actively licensed in Oregon as a naturopathic physician and is a member of the Pediatric Association of Naturopathic Medicine, the Oncology Association of Naturopathic physicians (ONCANP), and a Fellow within the American Board of Naturopathic Oncology (FABNO).  Since 2001 Dr. Fulop has chaired the supplement committee at the Osher Center for Integrative Medicine and is an adjunct faculty member at the National University of Health Sciences in Lombard, IL, where she teaches Internal Medicine/Naturopathic Medicine and Functional Medicine year round.

Michael Richards, PharmaCannis Outreach    
"Medical Cannabis: A Comprehensive Approach to Healthcare"

Michael Richards holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Holistic Health and Wellness from Northeastern Illinois University.  He is a lead presenter on PharmaCannis’ medical cannabis outreach team and an active member in the Illinois Medical Cannabis movement supporting organizations such as the Illinois Medical Cannabis Community and Illinois Women in Cannabis. 


Beyond his academic degree, Michael is a certified Chek Institute Level 3 Holistic Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach. He holds credentials as an American Council on Exercise Advanced Health and Fitness Specialist; a National Academy of Sports Medicine Optimum Performance Trainer; and an International Fitness Professionals Association Certified Personal Trainer.


In his capacity with PharmaCannis, Mike leads outreach efforts that help patients and health and wellness practitioners to better understand the science behind medical cannabis; patient options for delivery methods (i.e., edible, dermal or smoke‐able applications); and the challenges and opportunities facing conventional, alternative, and complementary practitioners as this topic re-­surfaces in all aspects of healthcare practice.  

Geeta Maker-Clark, MD     "Plant Based Diet - Good for You and the Planet"

Dr. Geeta Maker-Clark is a board-certified integrative family medicine physician and the coordinator of Integrative Medical Education for the University of Chicago. She is on faculty at the University of Chicago NorthShore Family Medicine Residency program. Dr. Maker-Clark has always held the belief that any meaningful healing must involve the mind, body and spirit, and that whenever possible the most natural and least invasive intervention serves the highest good of the patient. She has pursued studies with traditional healers in India, midwives, herbalists and energy healers, and found that the practice of integrative medicine, combining the best of conventional medicine and alternative therapies, offers an opportunity for healing, wellness and disease prevention that neither modality can achieve alone. 

She is a graduate of the University of Arizona Fellowship in Integrative Medicine, under the supervision and mentorship of Dr. Andrew Weil. Dr. Maker-Clark relies heavily on the use of food as medicine in her approach to healing, as well as herbs, botanicals, breath work, conventional medicines and healing practitioners in the community. She has been featured as an expert in widely viewed documentaries on family centered maternity care and the health of children of farm workers, and is deeply involved in the communities she serves. http://drgeetamakerclark.com/

Morning yoga with Angelique Nelson

Angelique began practicing yoga in 2004 and has been teaching since 2009 after completing her certification through Moksha Yoga Center. She is also a Thai Bodyworker and Reiki energy healer. In her classes you will find a strong focus on alignment in an intention based flow. You can also expect a playful mix of more subtle practices such as mudras, bandhas, kriyas, and meditation/visualization techniques all dynamically woven together through the breath in a sequence meant to guide students into a greater understanding of their most optimal selves.